about us

ExportImportDeal is India’s Fastest growing online B2B Export Import marketplace, connecting International buyers with Verified suppliers. With a maximum market share of the online International B2B Business Vendors in India, the Team focuses on providing a digital platform to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large Enterprises as well as individuals along with farmers so anyone can sell products directly in the international market. Founded in 2013, the company’s main mission is ‘to making ease of doing international business – cross-border sell and enhance import-export business with secure international payment option with the follow up of Incoterms..

With our Proper systematic International Payment System technology, we prioritize the security of international payment, transparency between buyer and seller, cost-effectiveness for exporter and importer, and ease-of-use for all those who want to start an import-export business, allowing our users to start international trade in verified incoterms and payment mode, increase international buyer network, and communicate with other overseas verified companies and export-import experts globally.

> ExportImportDeal For Buyers – Importer
1. International Payment Security Via KTG Group
2. Quality Product Assurance
3. Complete Supply Chain Management
4. Connecting Verified Supplier
5. Timely Production & delivery

> ExportImportDeal For Seller – Exporter
1. Best Export Payment Terms
2. Follow Complete Incoterms System
3. Verified Export Lead System
4. Connecting With Verified Importers worldwide
5. Export Management Support

Export Portal is an online B2B platform aiming to be a comprehensive international marketplace for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their counterparts.
With our proprietary blockchain technology, we prioritize security, transparency, costeffectiveness, and ease-of-use, allowing our users to trade, network, and communicate with other verified companies and experts globally.
  • Export Portal protects the entire payment process
  • Export Portal verifies shipment of goods before the seller gets paid
Process for Buyers
  1. The buyer places the product in their cart to create the order
  2. Then the buyer pays for the order in full, including the shipping charges
  3. The seller receives the payment when the product is shipped and arrives at the intended storage area
  • Export Portal makes sure buyer pays before the product is shipped
  • Export Portal arranges the shipping and after the product is shipped, the seller is paid
Process for Sellers
  1. The seller gets the order for the product
  2. The seller receives the instructions to fulfill the shipping of the product
  3. After product verification, the paperwork is prepared, and the product is shipped