Mix Vegetables

At Klick Exim all our fresh vegetables are sourced from farmers and are handpicked.  These fresh vegetables are packed in a quality packaging material so that they stay fresh for a long period of time. In addition, fresh vegetables are available in customized packaging and at affordable rates. Furthermore, our Fresh Vegetables can be availed at the market leading prices by the clients.

Klick Exim offers great value with our products and services. Introducing innovative ideas in sourcing and exporting, we have managed to improve speed, efficiency and on time delivery. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we have been offering world class products at the most competitive prices.

Procedure Of Import In Dubai From India

Importer Registration Documents

Register as an importer with the relevant government authorities in the importing country. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including

Customs Clearance Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with shipping. We provide support through the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth transition from port to your doorstep.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including
Products Of VegetablesQuality RequirementsSizeContries
Karela (Bitter Gourd)Firm texture, bright green color, minimal blemishes80-120 mmVarious
Lady Finger (Okra) Tender, vibrant green, free from bruises or discoloration300-450 mmIndia, USA
DrumstickStraight, slender, green pods, minimal fiber18mm and 26mmIndia, Thailand


Tendli (Ivy Gourd)Fresh, bright color, smooth skin, free from spots30-50 mmIndia ,Southeast Asia
Gawar (Cluster Beans)Straight, slender, vibrant green, no surface damage80-120 mmIndia
GingerPlump, firm rhizomes, smooth skin, no signs of deteriorationVariableIndia, China
Red PumpkinDeep orange color, firm texture, free from soft spotsVariableIndia, UAS, Mexico