• Tender Jackfruit is a large sized, bright green-spiny skinned fruit.
  • When cut open, there are numerous soft golden yellow bulbs of pulp, with a meaty texture and a flavour that is similar to a blend of tart banana and pineapple.

Health Benefits of Cambodian Jackfruit

• Cambodian Jackfruit is a rich source of vital nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, and fiber.
• The high levels of potassium and fiber in Cambodian Jackfruit can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.
• The fiber present in Cambodian Jackfruit can improve digestive health and promote regularity.
• The vitamin C found in Cambodian Jackfruit supports the immune system, repairs cell damage, and assists the body in absorbing essential nutrients like iron.
• Jackfruit seeds are a good source of easily digestible starch, protein, and minerals.

Best Methods to Consume Cambodian Jackfruit

• Cambodian Jackfruit can be consumed fresh, either as a whole fruit or in the form of juice, once it has ripened.
• It is a popular ingredient in traditional dishes such as curries and desserts.
• Cambodian Jackfruit is also utilized to create a wide range of products such as chips, jams, jellies, and more.

Characteristics of Cambodian Jackfruit

• Cambodian Jackfruit is an all-season fruit that can be planted at any time.
• The fruit is known for its large size, sweet flavor, pleasant aroma, succulent and delicious flesh, with an average weight of 8-12 kg, starchy and fibrous, and relatively small seeds.
• In comparison to the Vietnam Early Gold variety of jackfruit, the Cambodian jackfruit has a larger fruit size and features thicker, dark green leaves.
• The plant doesn’t grow much in height, and a greater abundance of fruits can be found towards the lower portion of the plant.