Premium Fresh Grape For International Markets

Klick Exim takes pride in being a leading player in the global export of fresh grapes. Renowned for our commitment to quality and freshness, we meticulously source and export a diverse range of grape varieties to meet the discerning preferences of our international client. Our grapes are carefully cultivated, ensuring they are plump, flavorful, and visually appealing. From the lush vineyards to your destination, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards throughout the export process. Our commitment goes beyond delivering superior produce. We take pride in fostering sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring the environmental and social impact of our operations remains positive. By choosing Klick Exim, you are not only selecting premium fresh grapes but also supporting a conscientious approach to agriculture and trade. 

Procedure Of Import In Dubai From India

Importer Registration Documents

Register as an importer with the relevant government authorities in the importing country. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including

Customs Clearance Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with shipping. We provide support through the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth transition from port to your doorstep.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including

Quality and Varieties in Top Producing Countries

Country Quality Requirements Size Varieties
India Rich taste, good texture, and vibrant color 15mm to 20mm Bangalore Blue (Black), Manjri Naveen (Green)
United States  Sweetness, firmness, and overall freshness 16mm to 24mm Thompson Seedless (Green), Crimson Seedless
China Crisp texture, sweetness, and minimal defects 18mm and 26mm Kyoho (Black), Shine Muscat (Green)
Spain Juiciness, sweetness, and uniform color 17mm and 25mm Aledo (Green), Black Magic, Red Globe