Onions are a commonly used vegetable in various cuisines worldwide, and their export can be a significant source of revenue for countries that produce them.

  • India is the largest exporter of onions globally, followed by the Netherlands, the United States, China, and Spain.
  • These countries have favorable climatic conditions and extensive cultivation practices, allowing them to produce large quantities of onions for both domestic consumption and export.

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As a commodity, onion is a most fluctuating product in perishable product. Price fluctuation basically depends upon :

1- Farmers Stock :


Onions are typically harvested during specific seasons and can be stored for extended periods to ensure a consistent supply throughout the year.

  • Before storage, onions are typically sorted based on their size, quality, and condition.
  • Damaged or diseased onions are removed, ensuring that only healthy onions are stored. This sorting process helps maintain the quality and marketability of the stored stock.

2- Local Mandis :


Onion mandis are typically located in areas where onions are cultivated in large quantities. They serve as centralized hubs where farmers bring their harvested onions to sell to wholesale buyers or commission agents.

  • Many onion mandis employ an auction system for trading.
  • Farmers bring their onion produce to the mandi and register it for auction.
  • Registered lots of onions are then displayed, and buyers bid on the lots based on quality, quantity, and prevailing market rates.

3- Demand ( Domestic & Export )


Onions are widely consumed across the globe and form an essential ingredient in many dishes.

  • The demand for onions depends on various factors such as population, dietary habits, and culinary preferences.
  • As the global population continues to grow, the demand for onions also increases. Rising populations, especially in countries with a high onion consumption per capita, contribute to the overall demand.

Here are a few key points about onion export From India:

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Onion procurement refers to the process of acquiring onions for various purposes, such as commercial sale, food production, or personal consumption. Onions are widely used in culinary applications and are an essential ingredient in many dishes around the world.

The procurement of onions typically involves several steps:

  1. Sourcing

  2. Quality assessment

  3. Packaging and storage

  4. Transportation

  5. Distribution

It’s important to note that specific procurement practices can vary depending on regional and industry-specific factors. 


Onion sorting and grading are essential processes in the onion industry to ensure quality control and to meet the specific requirements of buyers and consumers. Here are the key aspects of onion sorting and grading:

  1. Size

  2. Color

  3. Shape

  4. Quality

  5. Packaging

It’s worth noting that grading standards and specifications can vary between countries or regions, as well as among different onion varieties. 

Overall, onion sorting and grading play a crucial role in delivering onions of consistent quality, meeting customer expectations, and facilitating efficient distribution throughout the supply chain


Onion packaging and stuffing are important steps in the post-harvest process to ensure the quality and preservation of onions during transportation, storage, and distribution. Proper packaging helps protect onions from damage, moisture loss, and spoilage, while stuffing refers to the arrangement of onions within the packaging. Here’s an overview of onion packaging and stuffing:

  1. Packaging Materials: 

    • Mesh Bags

    • Jute Bags

    • Cartons or Crates

    • Bulk Bins

  2. Stuffing

    • Layering

    • Orientation

    • Size and Weight Distribution

  3. Labeling and Information

Proper packaging and stuffing techniques contribute to maintaining onion quality by protecting them from physical damage, reducing moisture loss, and allowing airflow to prevent rot or mold. It’s important to follow industry standards, regulations, and any specific customer requirements when it comes to packaging and stuffing onions.


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