The spice route, which originated in India thousands of years ago, is proof that spices were one of our earliest exports. Today India is one of the world's biggest spice manufacturers and exporters. We make it easy for you to get into the business.

Indian spices are valued for their high quality and flavour around the world. The climate in India, which has tropical and subtropical weather patterns, is ideal for growing almost all types of spices. A number of small landowners have converted to cultivating spices in the last ten years or so since they require less space and yield higher yields. As a result, India still produces more than 75 of the 109 different spices found worldwide and exports the majority of them. So, it is abundantly obvious that there is room for growth in India’s spice export industry. Continue reading to know about the benefits, types, documents required for Spice Export Business.

Benefits of Starting a Spice Export Business

  • Indian spices are in remarkable demand and command high credibility within the international market
  • The spice industry is a sustainable and economically viable option for raking in massive profits every year
  • Further, spice exporters receive various subsidies that permit them to send samples of spices abroad at lower costs

Different Types of Spice Export Businesses

The most common ways you can start a spice export business in India are as –

  1. Manufacturer of spices
  2. Merchant of spices 
  3. Wholesale trader of spices
  4. 3rd-party manufacturer of spices 
  5. A supplier/exporter of spices

Spices are produced on a big scale by producers, and merchants and traders serve as intermediaries to complete the logistical chain. To put it another way, spice producers act as the main producers, while merchants assist in ensuring that the spices get to the correct markets and end users. Additionally, third-party manufacturers assist with the manufacturing of spices in the nation, while suppliers assist with the export of the spices to other nations, and wholesale merchants make sure that retailers who package, distribute, and sell spices obtain the created spices.