Premium Semi-Husked Coconut for International Markets

Semi-husked coconut refers to a coconut that has undergone partial removal of its outer husk, leaving a layer of husk attached to the inner shell. This process involves removing the outermost layer of the coconut husk to expose the hard shell beneath, while retaining a portion of the fibrous covering. The semi-husked coconut maintains some protective layers, providing a balance between convenience and preserving the natural integrity of the coconut. This form of coconut is popular for its versatility in culinary applications, as it allows for easier access to the inner coconut meat while still offering protection during transportation and storage. The semi-husked coconut is commonly used in various cuisines and is prized for its refreshing water, creamy flesh, and nutritional benefits. Additionally, its partially removed husk facilitates easier opening for consumers, making it a convenient choice for those seeking the delightful flavors and nutritional richness of coconuts.

Procedure Of Import In Dubai From India

Importer Registration Documents

Register as an importer with the relevant government authorities in the importing country. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

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Customs Clearance Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with shipping. We provide support through the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth transition from port to your doorstep.

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Quality and Varieties in Top Producing Countries​

Country Variety Of Products Small Size (Diameter) (mm) Medium Size (Diameter) (mm)
India East Coast Tall  350-450 mm 155 mm
India Chowghat Orange Dwarf 200-300 mm 300 mm
India West Coast Tall 400-500 mm 175 mm
Sri Lanka King Coconut 300-400 mm 150 mm
Malaysia Malayan Dwarf 200-300 mm 125 mm