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Registered Dubai Importer Best Quality Of Rice. In India, regardless of rain or shine, it is always time to dine. Indian cuisine is a place where diversity is instilled even in its delicacies, such that there is something for everyone’s taste. India’s is not just culture and tradition. It is more than that. The love for Indian food is now omnipotent and has spread across the world. Indian cuisine has a variety of dishes and varies across the states. Yet one staple item that cannot be missed in this list is rice. India is one of the dominant producers of rice and no wonder, it is the staple food for many in the country. Being a tropical plant, it flourishes conveniently in this hot and humid climate. With this enormous growth, it is only obvious that India would be the world’s largest rice exporter. Several other countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and the United Kingdom are major consumers of Indian rice varieties. Therefore, rice export from India is undeniably a lucrative business. Like any other business, this also demands certain prerequisites and specific protocols as per Indian laws. 

India has maintained its dominance in rice exports this year, as it retains its competitive advantages despite a temporary export ban. In this analysis, TPCI’s research team takes a closer look at the factors driving India’s export growth in rice, challenges as well as the major markets that still have untapped potential.


Our organization strictly adheres to the rigorous exercise of quality checking. We are highly demanded and admired amongst the customers for the fulfillment of our true quality commitments.

Be carefree if you are looking forward to join us for your new venture of exporting best quality basmati or non-basmati rice from India or importing fresh Indian vegetables in U.A.E Dubai.

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