Tomato Overview: A Global Perspective

At Klick Exim all the fresh vegetables are sourced from farmers and are handpicked.  These fresh vegetables are packed in a quality packaging material so that they stay fresh for a long period of time. In addition, fresh vegetables are available in customized packaging and at affordable rates. Furthermore, our fresh vegetables can be availed at the market leading prices by the clients.

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Procedure Of Import In Dubai From India

Importer Registration Documents

Register as an importer with the relevant government authorities in the importing country. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including

Customs Clearance Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with shipping. We provide support through the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth transition from port to your doorstep.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including
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What Services We provide

  • Comprehensive services for importing and exporting tomatoes.
  • Logistics support to ensure smooth transportation.
  • Customs clearance expertise for efficient border processes.
  • Documentation assistance to meet international requirements.
  • Team commitment to ensuring compliance with global standards.
  • Streamlining the entire import/export process for efficiency.
  • Advisory services on market trends, regulatory changes, and trade policies.
  • Empowering clients with information for informed decision-making.

Diverse Varieties of Tomatoes:

Cherry Tomatoes

  • Cherry tomatoes are small and bite-sized.
  • They are highly prized for their sweet and flavorful taste.
  • Available in various colors, including red, yellow, and orange.
  • Add a vibrant pop of brightness to salads and snacks.

Green Tomatoes

  • Green tomatoes have a unique flavor profile.
  • Widely utilized in culinary applications.
  • Popular in dishes like fried green tomatoes, pickles, and salsas.
  • Typically firmer and tangier than their red counterparts.

Red Tomatoes

  • Red tomatoes are the classic and most common variety.
  • Known for their rich color and sweet, juicy taste.
  • Widely used in salads, sandwiches, and sauces.
  • Showcase a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Quality and Varieties in Top Producing Countries

CountryQuality RequirementsSizeTop  Varieties
IndiaGood texture, rich color40-70 mmGreen Tomato
United StatesUniformity, firmness, vibrant color 15-25 mmChery
ChinaBright color, minimal defects10-25 mmGreen & Red Cherry
SpainFirmness, sweetness, low40 to 7057-82 mm Red  Tomato
MexicoRich flavor, uniform shape15-25  mmRed cherry  Tomato