Premium Fresh Apple For International Markets

Klick Exim specializes in importing high-quality Iranian apples to India, contributing to the country’s diverse and flourishing fruit market. Renowned for their exceptional taste, freshness, and nutritional value, Iranian apples are a preferred choice among consumers. Our commitment to sourcing the finest produce ensures that customers experience the delightful flavors and crisp textures that these apples are known for. By bridging the gap between Iran and India, Klick Exim plays a crucial role in fostering international trade and promoting the accessibility of premium fruits in the Indian market. We take pride in delivering excellence and freshness with every shipment, making Iranian apples a delectable addition to the Indian culinary landscape.

Procedure Of Import In India From Dubai

  1. Booking and Shipment
  2. Document Preparation
  3. Vessel Arrival at Indian Port
  4. Offloading of Container

5.Customs Clearance(C.C)             

6.Container Release

7.Distribution and Further Handling

Importer Registration Documents

Register as an importer with the relevant government authorities in the importing country. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including

Customs Clearance Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with shipping. We provide support through the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth transition from port to your doorstep.

  • Our dedicated team will guide you through the necessary documentation, including

Quality and Varieties in Top Producing Countries

CountryQuality RequirementsSize
IndiaVaried, Sweet60-75 mm
United StatesCrisp, Sweet, Juicy63-89 mm
ChinaSweet, Crunchy60-85 mm
ItalyAromatic, Crunchy70-90mm